Pump Divisions

Started with the main objective of providing our customers with meaningful and simple one stop turnkey solutions to their
water pumping requirements. Our customer base includes but is not limited to Construction Companies, Consultants,
Facilities Management Contractors, HVAC Contractors, Landscaping & Irrigation Companies, Utilities Contractors, Water
Companies, Pump Manufacturers, Energy Companies, Food & Beverage Industry, Real-Estate Management
Companies, Petro-Chemical Plants & many more….

Our Services

• Packaging & Assembly of various pumping systems.

• Repair & Overhauling of all kinds of pumps & pumping systems.

• Supply of loose pumps, pressure vessels, valves, control panels, related materials & spares.

Packaging & Assembly of Pumping Systems

Water Transfer Sets as the name suggest are used to transfer water from one point of storage to another storage area usually from a ground based holding tank or reservoir to another tank which could be either at a elevated position or also at ground level.

Water Pressure Booster Systems are systems that are used to boost the pressure of water supply to all the outlets where the existing pressure is usually not enough to cover all the outlets due to the height or size of the building.

Sewage & Drainage Pumping Systems & Solutions – Overflowing/Clogged Sewage or drainage is a very unpleasant experience for anyone. We provide systems and solutions where things are simplified enough for easy movement of waste water to the main sewage lines. For our customer we recommend using solutions provided by Wilo’s lifting units or special sewage pumps including the Wilo Sewage Pump with macerator also known as the cutter pump or the grinder pump. Wilo has vast experience and complete solutions ranging from waste water collection and transport, waste water treatment and drainage systems suitable for all sectors like residential,commercial,municipal
and industrial. Of course if the customer has preferences for other brands we can provide those as well.

Irrigation Pumping Systems & Solutions – We can provide complete turnkey solutions to our customers depending on their requirement of irrigation pumping systems ranging from submersible bore well pumps, garden pumps to pressure booster pump sets with associated accessories and system.

Chilled Water & Hot Water Circulation Pump Systems – Circulation pump systems are used as the name suggest for circulation of water for wide range of residential and commercial applications ranging from domestic water heating, solar heating, water re-circulation, air conditioning & chilled water cooling systems. We can provide our customers with various solutions depending on their needs and requirements including energy saving efficient circulation pumps and systems.

Chemical & Process Pumps – Chemical & Process Pumps are designed and built for use in extreme testing conditions and environments at high temperatures handling toxic, explosive, expensive, hazardous, cryogenic and corrosive fluids. We currently have option of Canned Motor Pumps and Polypropylene Pumps.

Canned Motor Pumps are perfectly sealed high in efficiency & are capable to withstand high pressure and are suitable for transmission of hot and cold liquids without any leakages. These pumps consumes very less power and are available in variety of options as per the specification of clients.

Polypropylene Pumps or also known as PP Pumps are designed for handling highly corrosive liquids where the use of standard pumps is not possible.



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